Looking for a cable implemented with a Hirose FX23-120S-0.5SV10 connector

Hi team,
I am wondering if there is a cable implemented with a Hirose FX23-120S-0.5SV10 connector?

This header is designed for a board-to-board connection, but I am looking for if it is implemented with a cable for extension connection use?

Many thanks.


Thank you for the inquiry,

This connector unfortunately does not have a cable mate version that I can offer you. To accomplish something like this a board would have to be made to accommodate this connector and another connector that you would use for the cable side. You could look at using one of the free board design tools to make your own custom adapter board https://www.digikey.com/en/resources/design-tools/design-tools

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All right, I see. I will have a look at the tool.
Thanks for your information!