Connector type?

I am looking for a replacement connector however the only thing I found that is close is a SM connector. I’ll attach photos/datasheets. It is suppose to have a clip a end.

The pitch is 2.54 and I could tell that there was a HRS stamped on the housing.

eSM.pdf (435.6 KB)

Hello TechMonkey!

That SM connector looks like it would be a solid direct alternate assuming the pitch and row spacing are correct, are you able to tell if there are any codes marked on either of the plastic housings?

So far I have found these options:

However, Hirose isn’t one of them, and that’s what your “HRS” calls out

Other than the HRS there are no visible codes on the connector.

Hi @TechMonkey ,

H3761-ND | H3718-ND look like what you need, however unfortunately there is no stock and I wasn’t able to locate any in-stock crosses at this time.

That appears to be the connector that I’m looking for. Thanks for the help and if I can get one I’ll see if I remember to update this.