2 Pin Female Locking Connector Pitch 2.54

I don’t know what connector that this is, I have looked on Molex, JST, etc and still haven’t found it. The pitch is 2.54 the housing is rectangular with 2 locking hooks on each side. The connection is through hole and right angle. I would also like an explanation what the HRS J stands for, I have seen other connectors with similar markings but they never seam to help when looking up what it is.

Hello Tech_Monkey and welcome to the Forum,

That part looks very close to our part H124758-ND; do review and let us know if its right.

That looks correct I’ll get some and test them out. thanks for the help is there any meaning to the letters on the front of the connector?

HRS is just the Hirose logo. You’ll see it on each page of the datasheet for the part. The “J” is likely to be either an indication of the country of origin or could just be the position in a multi-part mold. In any case it is not indicative of the part number. I looked through the data sheet for this part and didn’t see anything referring to part marking.

There is more information at the product page at: