Best Low Voltage Connector Series?

What’s your go-to connector for prototyping??

I’m thinking it’d have the following characteristics:

  • 0.1” pitch spacing options to terminate headers to normal PCB’s
  • locking / latching
  • compatible with flat cable, ideally without tools like press crimp or something
  • lots of options for number of conductors
  • lots of options of board mounting (straight, right angle ect)

On digikey’s IMENSE online catalog… this is knda, really HARD to figure out.
You can find lots of JST PH… but they’re 2mm spacing, not 2.54
You can find lots of Header series…. but no options for (that i can find) for cable mounting / inlineing
You can find lots of MT_100… but they’re not locking

Sounds easy… but i’m struggling to put it all together with a single standard!

Ideally, i’d buy a tonne of it & just use it as needed.

So, anyone out there got a good one they like?


I believe I know what you are looking for. Take a look at the link below to see if this is correct.