Looking for a screw type connector

We use a Digikey P/N A31108 - this is an IDC connector that our clients are having problems with - is there an equivalent connector that has screw terminals?


I am not seeing options that would meet the other specifications and also have screw termination.
The other type I saw would be crimp type that you would need to get separate contacts for.

The WM25516-ND would be the next most similar type of connector that would come with screw termination.
0395037004 Molex | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

Would either of these work?

Hi tde,

Here’s one other alternative – could you use something like this? It is significantly more expensive, but has installation advantages.


It has the same 2.54mm pitch, but uses spring-clamp terminals, which are fairly easy to use and are quite reliable. Just press the orange spring lever, insert the stripped wire, and release. It would require the following as a board-mounted mate:


Oh, that’s nice.

If you could use a wider pitch (pin spacing), there are many more options of similar products within the “Terminal Block” category.