Does Digi-Key offer an equivalent connector to this?



A customer asked, and I haven’t been able to find anything that looks exactly the same with the exact same connector housing shape (keying?) and unique physical features of the molding.

Anyone have any suggestions?



Take a look at A31130-ND Looks very similar.

A19021-ND actually looks a little closer. Hard to tell from the pic on the link. But looking at the 3D drawing this one could be it.



These appear to be a Molex connectors that has been disguised for the ham radio markets. Hard to tell what he has but below is my best guess.



Yeah, the second one looks closer, but it’s unfortunately obsolete. There is that weird jagged/tapered edge in the pictures at the original link, I don’t know what’s going on there.

I did give the customer the link to this forum post, I’ll let him know to take a look and that he can add any more information he wants if he thinks it may help.


These look like IDC Rectangular connectors from TE.

Part numbers would depend on pitch and wire gauge.