Does Digi-Key carry this type of Molex connector?

Where would I find this kind of connector on the Digi-Key site:

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Thanks Robert. These look like IDC connectors. I am hoping to find Molex connectors since the connection seems more secure and less prone to overheating in a pinball machine. Any ideas?

That looks like the KK 396 series.

0009503041 Molex | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

0008580111 Molex | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I agree with you on the KK series. It looks like this is it.

I would look at the following connector from Adam Tech,

Digi-Key PN: 2057-MTB-04-ND

Crimp Contact PN: 2057-MTB-C-B-ND

Or TE Connectivity option, Digi-Key PN: 647401-4-ND

Crimp Contact PN: A32533-ND

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Thanks everyone. I think I’ve got what I need.