Looking for U Shaped, "flexible", pin headers

I’m looking for the pin headers used in this XBee dev board (https://www.digikey.ca/en/products/detail/digi/XK9X-DMS-0/5972740) on the blue board. It’s made to go with PCBs that have those hybride surface mount/through hole pads and I can’t find them anywhere.

I’m looking for a way to connect my XBee to a pcb, without soldering, so I can connect and disconnect the XBee from the board and still use the dev board.


It looks as if once upon a time Digi sold those connectors as a package under P/N 76002056, but no more… It seems as if it’s likely to be a custom item with not a great deal of volume sales potential.

One commentator suggested using some straight 2mm header stock set on a slightly narrower pitch than might otherwise be called for, in order to make use the flexure of the straight pins as a spring element. There’s a few options that have some longer contact lengths. If one’s feeling especially ambitious, they might be long enough to be bent into a shape similar to that seen on the dev board.