PCB headers with small pin diameter


I’ve been banging my head against the wall searching for this product!!!

I’m trying to fit wires to an existing PCB without soldering directly to board, problem is there isn’t a connector that will work. I’m working with a plated hole diameter of 0.5mm and the previous component in there had a pin diameter of 0.4mm that fit just fine. Unfortunately, I can’t find a PCB header with pin diameter of 0.4mm even after getting on the phone with Molex support! I’m not interested in grinding down these connectors to get them to fit and soldering wires directly to the board isn’t ideal either. If anyone else out there has this problem or knows a solution, POST!!!


I am having a hard time finding anything myself. The smallest I am finding is a Mill-Max series 310 or 311 which has a .020" or .5mm. https://www.digikey.com/short/j0v744

You say component was it a connector that was removed?


well it was actually a light up toggle switch Digikey PN 360-1765-ND. Very strange device because it had standard 2.54mm pitch (space between pins) but had a non-standard 0.4mm pin diameter. that 0.4mm pin diameter is typically only used for smaller pitch connectors.