Looking for connector

I’d appreciate help finding a suitable pair of mating connectors. Here are the specifics:

  • Wire-to-wire application (for interfacing to LED strips)
  • 18 AWG wire with 2 mm (0.08") outer diameter
  • Must be smaller than 0.7" (18 mm) across to fit in small wire channel
  • Four (4) position/contacts

I tried the JST “SM” connectors that are common with LED strips, but the crimped pins are too large to fit into the housings. The 2 mm diameter insulation is too big.

I also tried the TE Connectivity RITS series connectors, but they too do not support such large outer-diameter wires.

I am open to a crimped or soldered connector. If crimped, the crimping too l must be affordable (<$50).

I am using 18 AWG, four-wire “ribbon” cables, although it has a non-traditional wire-to-wire pitch of 2 mm (not 50 mils). I’d open to changing wire, but I need at least 18 AWG.

Any suggestions?


Hello internet.zab,

Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
A possible option are the connectors 1175-2605-ND and 1175-4282-3-04-D-ND.
The 16-18awg contacts are 1175-2642CT-ND and 1175-4282M1618-99CT-ND.
The crimp tool is 1175-DL-108A-ND.
This is not under $50, but it was the closest match I found.
Please check the datasheets to verify compatibility to your application.

Thanks, David! That looks like it’ll work well. Much appreciate the help!