Inline connector suggestion

I need a suggestion for two mating inline connectors. I have a cable like the one shown at this link: I want to break this cable in half in the middle and attach a connector to both sides of the split cable so that the two cable halves can be easily disconnected and reconnected. The current flow is modest, at most 200mA. The highest voltage involved is 5V. What would you suggest?

Welcome to the Technical Forum. You could use something like part number A1400-ND on this link:

If you scroll down on this link we show the mating products and also the associated terminals to be used with this connector. Once you choose the mate and click on it you can also see the terminals listed for the mate.

Hello, Mr. Click,

Roll on over and I’ll tell you what I think. I’m rather fond of the Molex SL series for such purposes. They are large enough that they are easy to crimp, but not exceedingly large, with a pitch of 2.54mm (that’s 0.1" for some of y’all).

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Here’s a link to the female contact options sized to fit the 28AWG wire of that harness. Options there include whether they come in bulk or on reel, tin or gold contact area plating, and, in the case of gold plating, the plating thickness (15µin or 30µin).

Here are your options for the male contacts sized for 28AWG wire. Same options are available as for the female contacts above.

The standard hand-held crimping tool for this series is the WM17552-ND. If you are only doing a small quantity, then a “standard” crimp tool would probably suffice. I also like the Adafruit 1528-1683-ND as a general purpose crimping tool for smaller contacts. Unfortunately, we seem to be out of stock at the time of this writing.

Finally, we have the following which are sometimes useful:

Best of luck with your project!

Your suggestion may work, I wish it were a slightly larger connector just for ease of handling/manipulating, but I’ll order some and give it a shot.

I was specifically looking for something no larger than that, but if you don’t mind larger, here is a link to larger options for the side which holds the male contact (or which can hold either male or female contact).

The main issue with these is that one must verify that the associated contact works with the 28AWG wire you have. The larger the connector, the less likely that this will be so. We generally give links to the mating connector and associated contacts if you scroll down on the product detail page for any part you select. If you find one you like and you’re not sure about the associated parts required, we can help you with that.