Molex SL Series Connectors and Associated Contacts

The Molex SL Series are a series of rectangular connector housings that work well in a wide variety of applications. The connector housings and contacts must be purchased separately and here is how to identify the correct contacts for the connector housings.

First, identify the type of wire gauge size you will be using and then determine if you need a socket(female) or pin(male) for your housing.

In looking at example part number WM2800-ND this is a receptacle housing and needs a socket. On the product page for this connector associated products are listed which includes the contacts of various wire gauge sizes. If we are needing a contact that will accommodate 24-30AWG wire for example we would select part number WM2562-ND or Molex part number 0016020096. Please see this link:

0050579002 Molex | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

Any applicable tooling will also be shown on this product page. You may also confirm that the correct contacts are selected by viewing the Molex data sheet which lists the correct contacts in the “notes” section in the data sheet. If we look at the same example above for Digi-Key part number WM2800-ND or Molex number 0050579002 and refer to the notes on the data sheet at this link: CoCreate Drafting ( it states which terminal series numbers will work with this connector and in this case where we selected WM2562-ND or Molex part number 0016020096 and look at the series number listed on the product page for WM2562-ND it matches one of the series numbers listed on the data sheet which in this case is 70058.