1:1 and 1:4 inline connectors

I need some inline connectors for a test bench that can snap securely into place and unsnap later and move components around if I need to. They would need to handle a 24-V system, automotive, J1939 type testing. I’m using some CAN signals and usually 18-gauge wire, though power might be a little heavier. Thanks.


Would you have information on how many positions the connection would need to have?
Would you have an existing connection that you are mating to? If so would you have an image or item numbers for them?

To make sure I understand your question, and maybe to add clarity, I’m wanting to connect wires inline in a wire harness. I need some to be 1 to 1. I’ll also need some that would be upwards of 1 to 4 (in a splice - these would be power/ground). I don’t have any part numbers in mind because I haven’t found any yet.

Would the below 1:1 item work set for you?
23-0019091016-ND Housing.
WM1686-ND Mate for the above housing.
WM1100-ND Male contact
WM1103-ND Female contact
WM9999-ND Crimp tool for both of the above contacts.

As for splicing would the 1528-2440-ND work for you?

That looks really nice. I think it would for the 1 to 1. What about for the 1 to a 3 or 4 way? To put it another way, one power or ground source will have to supply about 3 or 4 other harness wires.


The “1528-2440-ND” referenced above would be able to splice together 5 wire ends.
Which would give a 1:4 type configuration. Would that type of item work for you?

Oh, sorry. I think that’d do the trick. Thank you very much.