Can anyone identify this connector?

My brother needs your help. Looks like an after market product but wondering if theres anything comparable that would work as a replacement. Photos attached.

Looks like an off brand I found here.

I would recommend taking a look at some options we have in a sealed 2 position connector. If you need any help narrowing down contacts or mates just let me know and we can help. I would just want to verify the wire gauge to be sure we get the right contacts.


Awesome! Thank you Robert. I will let him know.

Are there any connectors that already come with the pins/sockets already in the connector housing? So what he is doing is taking the male connector and splicing it into the power and ground lead wires from his truck for aftermarket LED lights. Any suggestions?

If he is going to splice the wires you could look at something like A132530-ND. You would have to cut the wires however, it would also give you the mating connector.


Thanks Robert. Do we have anything else that might be worth looking into as well? I am going to order A132530-ND today but figured it might be nice to have a backup as well if its available. Preferably something that is fairly durable. The housing is going to sit down under the hood by the fender.

I like the Mizu-P25 series from Molex. Something like WM9198-ND. You will need to do contacts, however you won’t have a splice. The connector is waterproof so it will help from a moisture standpoint.

20-22 AWG Contact WM3310CT-ND
Mate WM4577-ND
20-22 AWG Pin WM3299CT-ND

If you need a larger wire gauge take a look at WM9422.

14-16AWG Contact WM2989CT-ND
18-20AWG Contact WM3687CT-ND
Mate WM9439-ND
16-20 AWG Pin WM3694-ND

Awesome, we’ll try the TE Cable assembly first and see how it looks and decide if we want to try the Mizu-P25 Molex connector/Mate. Thank you again for the help!

Would you be able to help me find if we have the mating connector assembly for this 3 position plug?

This is the item he bought: