Hooking up a nest hello

I’m trying to install a nest hello doorbell. I have a com, doorbell 1, trans, and doorbell 2 terminal. Nest only provides diagrams for doorbells without the com terminal. It didn’t chime inside the house with the nest chime puck installed on the trans and doorbell 1 wire and terminal so they told me to install it without it. My bell now works but it has a slight buzz. Can someone tell me what to do? Google is no help. They want me to hire one of their experts at $100 an hour. I know I’m close. Please help.

Hello Yukon,
Welcome to the TechForum. Thank you for your inquiry. Have you contacted them back saying that there suggestion worked your bell now works but it has a buzzing sound. To see if they had a fix to offer, they will be your best resource. I have also seen some install resources out on YouTube. Reconnecting with their technical support would be the first thing to try.

No, they just want me to call one of their pro installers for $100 he. I just want to get the info out there. It can’t be that hard.

By the way , the buzzing stopped after repeating the transformer wires…

Reseating the transformer wires