Hoping to identify a LED array

I don’t see any markings on the cabling or diode array.

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Do you know what color and voltage your LED is?
LED Lighting options

These are r

un with a little plug in transformer Input 100/240V, 50-60Hz .15A Max Output: 4V 3.5A 350 mA Constant Current 1S LED

Sorry the text became intertwined with the photos. Color of the LED really isn’t that critical, 3/4K would be fine. I added a couple more photos was mostly the point. These are little reading light fixtures in a hotel, run by AC/DC adapter SA1A-040-0350, Input: 100-240V ~50-60Hz 0.15A Max. Output: 4V 0.35A 350 mA Constant Current 1W LED. I may need some of these adapters as well. The fixtures appear to be left on for perhaps too long and you can see some of the thermal discharge evident in the ones that I have seen that have failed.

That would appear to be a pseudo-standard board format for mounting LEDs known as a “star board.” Matching the LED itself could be a matter of significance if there’s some thought-out optics involved (the photos don’t show much on that point) but if it was more of a slapdash design then most any glowy thinger with suitable electrical properties could probably stand in. Based on the power supply label and your indicated preferences, XPGDWT-B1-0000-00L5E-SB01 would be my suggestion…

The brown schmoo around the connections is most likely solder flux residue left over from initial assembly. Because the star board material is specifically and purposefully designed to distribute heat around, making soldered connections to them tends to be inconvenient at best; using plenty of flux can help make that task a little less miserable.

Really good! Thanks for the reply! I will run this by and see what we can do here. Very much appreciate the assistance.