Looking for this RGB LED


I have my sons Star Wars Kano Coding kit here with a blown SMD RGB LED and am struggling to find the replacement for it.

I was hoping someone here would be kind enough to point me to the correct part so I could replace it and get it working for him again.

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There could be many part numbers for this one. Can you take the measurements of the LED?

Hello, 732-11394-1-ND(click here) is the closest one found, but yes if you can get a more accurate measurement that would be great.

Hi, thanks for the help.

Diode mode reads;

1.88v on inside two pins
1.67v on outside two pins

That’s with black lead on the left and red on the right.

Hope that makes sense and helps to identify for me

Hello, not sure this is an accurate reading, as there will be either a common anode or a common cathode in reference to each of the other three pins. Are you able to find out the voltage reading of each diode in reference to a common pin?

Hello, The green mark in the corner should be the common Anode (+) lead, and the other 3 contacts will be for the Cathode (-) lead of the 3 colors (Red, Green, Blue). Click here for the closest options.
The ones I found with a common Cathode, had the green mark in a different corner, and were not close to the size you measured.
Of these options, some have the Green and Blue locations switched.
Please check the dimensions and the datasheets for compatibility to your application.

Sure, I’m still learning so want entirely sure how to read these kinds of LED I will get the meter and read them from the Green marking as the positive as stated below and report back. So kind of you guys to help

Ok so let’s try again lol

Red pin on bottom left, diode mode

Top left 0.71
Top right 0.37
Bottom right 0.68

Same readings on blown and working LEDs

Hello again,

Can you also verify if you are using a resistance/ diode/continuity test with board power off, or a voltage reading with the board on? If you are doing a resistance/diode/continuity test with the board power off, make sure to lift the common(anode) from the board when measuring, this will make sure no other external parts are reading.


The batteries are in device but it’s powered down when I’m taking the readings via diode mode.

I will remove the blown led tomorrow and take the readings again with it completely off board.

I will post my results as soon as I can.


Morning all,

I removed the blown LED and another for accurate readings off board.

The results were Diode mode;

Red probe to Bottom Left

Black probe Top Left: 0.676v
Black probe Top Right: 0.579v
Black probe Bottom Right: 0.711v

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Dan


Have you a chance to check my latest readings?

Thanks again for your reply. These readings appear to be forward voltages of diodes, but it is unknown what the actual LED voltage is needed to drive the LEDs, since this voltage would be much higher.

Either way, looking at both LED links above, these appear to be the most similar options we have regarding package style in the RGB color. It is unknown if any of those LED options would work, but please review the datasheets and determine if you want to give any of them a try.


This device could be an addressable RGB LED.
This one is quite close:

Heke, AsamaLab