Being needy again

So, i have a led lightbar that decided to give up working a few of the led chips or panels and now trying to replace a few components, but with no help from expensive manufacturer of said led lightbar i cant find x references or exact parr any help would be appreciated

Hello Seth,

There really isn’t much to go off of here to help ID this LED strip. The chips on there don’t actually help in identifying the strip itself. One thing I went by is the domed look to the leds on the strip. Unfortunately we don’t have many of them in stock to choose from and based on picture alone it does not seem that we have that exact one. For example 897-1030-ND or 897-1034-ND look close. I found them in the category below:

You can also utilize the remaining filters if you know more info about the strip you have.

Hopefully maybe someone else can recognize it and give you a better option.


Actually i was just looking for the components, but u made me think bout looking for the whole thing instead, if i could find the 1412 mz id b in business tho. Ty for your time and effort

That part with an MZ marking has a possibility of being Littelfuse PN: SMBJ51A

Click here for SMBJ51A

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That would make sense, because on one of the other chips that same part has a crack in it and chip doesn’t work. Ty for your time

I apologize for not stating b4 hand, but this is a 12v dc automotive lightbar