Looking for RGB LED

Hello tech - friends,

my first topic and I need some help to identify those RGB LEDs…
I’ve got a Merkur “Jump Up” Slot Machine with a lot of burned RGB LEDs.

First: A picture of it:

6 pins, the notch means pin 1, counted counterclockwise like a normal IC:
Red: Anode: 6 Cathode: 1 - 1,2V
Green: Anode: 2 Cathode: 3 - 1,3V
Blue: Anode: 5 Cathode: 4 - 2.0V
Each side: 3.2mm

Hello SebastianC - welcome to the Forum community. These are the options I found for the size leds you are looking for, however the pinouts are not the same as you have listed. You’ll want to take a look at the datasheets to see if you’ll be able to use these leds.

Thanks, I’ve found that LEDs - seems to be the same in size and pinout.