Standard pin-out for RGB LEDs?

I am designing a new PCA and want to use a RGB LED. I was going to use a 4-PLCC package. It seems that there is no consistency in pin-outs between products. One LED uses pin 1 as common anode, another pin 2, and yet another pin 4. In the current supply chain environment I want to use what would be most common. But that is hard to tell just by looking at parts DK stocks. Is there some reason the industry has not standardized on a common pin-out? Are they possibly going towards a standard, but have to support legacy pin-outs? It seems like such a tedious headache to look for alternates for these types of components.

Hello _AW

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately there is no rhyme or reason for the pin-out inconsistencies and since it has always been this way with LEDs, I don’t see this changing. Going through each datasheet appears to be the only way to verify the pin-outs.