Tri-color LED has different pinout from the datasheet

Hi all,

I’ve just obtained a small number of these BL-HJXGXBX32N tri-color LEDs, which I’ve selected especially because of the pinout in the datasheet: RGB with polarities that are inverted from how they are typically in most RGB LEDs.

The curious thing is that the LEDs I received are the correct (‘inverted’) polarity, but the color order doesn’t match that indicated in the datasheet: they are RBG, not RGB.

Could anyone shed some light on this, pun included? Did I receive a different version, or is the datasheet erroneous?


We can have this looked at.
Would you have the date and lot codes for the LED you got?
You can direct message me with that information.

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Thanks - I can’t seem to find the direct message functionality… do you mind if I paste the label of the bag here? Assuming the date and lot codes are on that

If you want you can post it here.

here is my test setup, the broken original tri-color LED on top. I would ideally find a part that more closely matches that ‘portrait’ orientation form factor

here’s the desired pinout from the datasheet:

Would you be able to take images of the BL-HJXGXBX32N with each color lite up?

I can certainly attempt… just a sec

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Thank you. I have submitted an inquiry to see if insight can be provided.

Thanks! I’ve also double-checked the continuities on that proto board, nothing out of the ordinary there.

Any news on this issue, please? I’d like to move forward with my repair…

Hi @stevenkruyswijk ,

The datasheet just by looking at it is incorrect, along with your actual tests proving this.

The datasheet correctly lists the order of color here:

…but then incorrectly lists the color pinout here:

BL-HJXGXBX32L & BL-HJLG6BH32L would be the only alternative options with RBG configuration, but are larger in size, millicandela differences & other smaller differences which may not work for your board.

Click here for comparison link between original and the two mentioned above.

@Ryan_2724 I see - although I think you mean alternative options with RGB configuration :slight_smile: it does still seem odd to me why American Bright would offer this RBG part, when their other offerings are RGB… could it be an oversight?

If you have a suggestion for me on how to find a more close match to the original tricolor LED in more of a portrait orientation, that would be super. I guess I could try to contact HP to see whether they could and would be willing to divulge the original part number…

Hi @stevenkruyswijk ,

Sorry about that :slight_smile: , I meant to send you this link: SFT825N-S | BL-HJXGXBX32N | ASMB-TTF0-0A20B | ASMB-TTF2-0B20B which is a comparison link from your original incorrect part, to RGB options that we have in stock. I was not able to locate American Bright options with the correct RGB configuration in a similar LED style. Please review if one of those alternative options would work for you as there may be differences.

By clicking the American Bright manufacturer inside the filter (& not apply filters), it will highlight the differences within the other filter parameters if you want to do a quick check on the differences.

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@Ryan_2724 thanks, but nope: those all have the more typical, but for this application: wrong polarities

I see that now, the polarities are backwards, darn. Below is their contact, hopefully they can provide you with further information.

AAAF3529SEEZGKQBKS from Kingbright appears what you are looking for, however is non-stocking and the only LED I see that is similar to your requirements, please review datasheet specifications.

Interesting, thanks! Encouraging to see that there’s at least one other manufacturer that uses this reverse polarity.

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…and unfortunately that Kingbright LED is significantly less bright, too

I have contacted American Bright sales over a week ago about this issue but haven’t heard back.

Hi @stevenkruyswijk ,

If you do acquire a part number from them, we will most likely be able to quote it at their minimum quantity requirement, which may be a higher number i’d guess along with manufacturer lead time.