How are xilinx evaluation kits so cheap?

The xilinx evaluation board VCU118 includes the fpga device ‘XCVU9P-L2FLGA2104E’ and costs $8,000. Buying only the ‘XCVU9P-L2FLGA2104E’ device itself costs $45,000. Is the same device really in both of these? How is the evaluation board so cheap relative to just the standalone device? (Links below)

Vcu118 evaluation board: EK-U1-VCU118-G Xilinx Inc. | Development Boards, Kits, Programmers | DigiKey

Device only:

I looked around and found only one in stock on the planet and Newark wants over $47,000US. They say they think they can get more parts in April next year (10 month lead time but no guarantees).

Either it is an obsolete part that Xilinx no longer wants produce or it’s simply supply & demand at work and after the global semiconductor shortage ends in 2023 pricing will become more normal again.

Hi @brian_a,

According to the documentation, the XCVU9P-L2FLGA2104E is indeed the FPGA populated on the EK-U1-VCU118-G Eval Kit. Paul is on the right track, in that market conditions can have funny effects on our (Digi-Key’s) costs. But even more than that, if you think about it, semiconductor manufacturers have very different motivations with regard to pricing, between development boards the chips themselves.