How do I know Which Part Number to Use When Ordering TE 0024A0024-9X Coaxial Cable?

When searching for TE - 0024A0024-9X coaxial cable on the Digi-Key site you will find we have six Digi-Key part numbers for it, such as A132095-05-ND or A132095-50-ND. What is the difference?

The only difference between these part numbers is the length, denoted by a two or three digit suffix. As you can see in the table below we offer lengths from 1 to 500 feet.

Digi-Key Part Number Manufacturer Part Number Length
A132095-05-ND 0024A0024-9X 5.0’ (1.52m)
A132095-01-ND 0024A0024-9X 1.0’ (0.30m)
A132095-25-ND 0024A0024-9X 25.0’ (7.62m)
A132095-100-ND 0024A0024-9X 100.0’ (30.48m)
A132095-50-ND 0024A0024-9X 50.0’ (15.24m)
A132095-500-ND 0024A0024-9X 500.0’ (152.40m)