How do I open and close DC using a basic switch?


How do I open and close DC using a basic switch?



In direct current switching, the arc (spark generated between the contacts upon switching) lasts longer, causing more severe contact wear compared to alternating current. When cutting off a DC circuit, please select a switch with a DC rating and use it according to the rating.



In an AC circuit in which the direction of current flow changes, the arc disappears each time the voltage becomes overvoltage (OV). But in a DC circuit, the direction of flow remains unchanged, which increases the duration of the arc, causing contact wear and less durability.
In addition, the transfer phenomenon of the contact may occur, which may cause unevenness in the contact and a malfunction that prevents the contact from being opened.



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Please consider X series: Direct-current basic switch with built-in magnetic blow-out, if the size of X is acceptable.

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