How long does a basic switch last?


Which basic switches are inrush resistant?



The higher the rated current, the stronger the resistance to the inrush current. While the inrush current value is not described in the catalog, consider the rated current values.



The inrush current varies depending on the conditions such as the time of application and the inrush state (when the contact is opened or closed, or when the current is applied). Also, even if the current value is the same, the electrical life will differ depending on the operation speed and stroke. Please check the actual load switching of the equipment to be used.

There is also a TV rating (UL/CSA) for performance evaluation of inrush current, but we have no basic switch product that has obtained a TV rating.


Quick tips

Omron has products with indium contacts that are resistive to arc heat. In some cases, actual load switching can be advantageous for DC switching that can easily cause inrush current or arc. Please evaluate them in an actual load-switching test.
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