How to drive AK9700AE LED(IR) ?Which MCU should I use?

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There are quite a lot of options you have for microcontrollers; as long as it can communicate with the I2C protocol it should work. After that, it sort of comes down to whatever you are most comfortable with and/or whatever fits any space constraints you may have. Check out our Microcontrollers section to view some options you can choose from.


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Thank you Klint. I have ATTINY 85 in stock,can I use that one. I was trying to turn on LED without MCU, but looks like it is not standalone device and is dependant on driver and MCU. Thanks

Hi s3952351,

The ATtiny85 is technically capable of communicating with I2C peripherals with it’s USI serial port, but as a general purpose serial port, it is a little more complicated to configure and use than a dedicated I2C serial port.

Here are a few resources to help you out with using the USI as I2C Master:

Alternatively, here’s a link to a fully software-based I2C peripheral which doesn’t use a dedicated serial port:


So can i use it or which one should I purchase then? Its too technical for me to understand this

Hi s3952351,

If the links mentioned above are too technical, then no, you should not use the ATtiny85. I would recommend you go with a board compatible with Arduino sketches, as that will simplify the I2C interface. Since the AK9700 uses 3.3V, I would look at these options, as they can work with 3.3V I/O without requiring level shifters in between.