Help with finding the right MCU

I need help finding a good MCU for my product. I have already made an arduino prototype but I want to move down to using an MCU for production and price reasons.
I have very few requirements for the product:

  • I really want it to be ready for mass production. With that I mean that there needs to be a lot in stock or at least so I can manufacture a couple thousands if my product turns out to be very good.
  • My prototype uses 7 I/O pins with none of them being PWM.
  • The code is right now in the arduino IDE 1692 bytes of storage space and 23 bytes of dynamic memory

Does anyone now a good MCU to use


Take a look here

Click Here

Yes that is the page for all of the MCU’s. But do you recommend anyone based on my requirements?

The ATTINY414-SSFR looks like a pretty good candidate, based on current stock levels and the fact that it is an AVR, so migration from Arduino might be easier than some other architectures.

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Yes okay thank you. I will look into that one