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need help selecting a microprocessor, 16/32 bit 8 a/d channels flash, eeprom and ram

Hello @modocron1963,

Thank you and welcome to our TechForum. I wasn’t able to find any microprocessors like that available in our system. Do you have any other specifications on it that may help to find something similar?

Hi modocron1963

A chip that combines “microprocessor” (CPU/MPU) with peripherals, such as ADC, GPIO, serial buses, etc., as well as program and data memories on a single chip is usually called “microcontroller” (MCU). With that keyword you’ll find a huge selection of controllers to choose from. You may need to add more items to the specification in order to narrow down the pool of choices. E.g. is the cost important factor? Are there speed and supply voltage requirements? Size of memory? Precision of the ADC? Supported programming languages? Design tools and libraries? Need for RTOS?

For 32-bit MCU, it is a safe call to choose a device that has ARM core, although RISC-V is gaining popularity. Check offerings for example from:
Microchip’s SAM series.

ST’s STM32 series

Renesas’ RA-series

Nordic’s nRF52-series

Heke, AsamaLab

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