Component compatibility and Code Support

I am developing a sensor board STM32l4+ series microcontroller from ST Microelectronics.
I want to use the following IC’s in my project

  1. MLX90395KLW-BBA-001-SP
  2. ATWILC3000A-MU-T
  3. ADC120IPT
  4. BCM5221A4KMLG
  5. PM8803TR


  1. How will I ensure that the above IC’s are compatible with the above microcontroller. Or is there a check list for this.
  2. How will I make sure that the supplier has .c and .h files to communicate with these devices and can provide sample codes for typical applications



Hello, DKSense.

Compatibility between microcontrollers and peripheral devices such as DACs, Ethernet transceivers, and PoE controllers is generally more about getting your code right than about physical, hardwired intercompatibility between the chips. Each of these devices incorporates pretty standard interfaces designed to be utilized by most any microcontroller. I don’t know of any checklists for compatibility. As for communications files and sample code, the best places to search for such tools is usually on the manufacturer’s website. STMicro, Microchip, and other high-end semiconductor manufacturers will usually have those tools available as free downloads on their product pages for a given part.

If there’s other questions you were hoping we could take a look at, I can see if any of our code gurus are available to answer specifics for you.