ARM Controller

I am using STM32F103VCT6 controller. Can i use my present HEX file for STM32F358VCT6 ?
Both controller are having same pin configuration.
Please help me out. Thanx.

Hi @Manish , welcome to the TechForum.

Sadly, you will have to rebuild, as these are different MCU cores, M3 vs an M4


Thanx for the prompt reply.

Now i have onother question.

Can i use same hex file for STM32F303 & STM32F358 series?


Hello Manish,

The parts you’re comparing, STM32F303 vs. STM32F358 are Cortex M4 vs. M4F, F being including a Floating Point unit (FPU)

In my experience in most cases you can get away with using the same hex file if the parts share the same datasheet and the only differences are memory size. I do not believe you would be able to use the same hex file for those series of parts.