How to expand BeagleBone Black memory with a microSD

Hi, I am looking for a solution to this, some links that I’ve found on internet aren’t clear for me, since when connecting my microSD it won’t connect through ssh and then starts installing the new OS.

What should I do? Format the microSD card? And then what?

The reason I wanna do this is because after installing the new OS (newest BBB debian) it costs almost all space and I need to install some things for my project.



@dcdourado, sadly we don’t setup lvm by default, so it’s just not as simple as adding a second microSD card by default and extending the image to that media. Patches Welcome of Course…

So it’s up to you today, either use the 4GB eMMC, or just use a bigger microSD for your OS.

On your microSD, just remove /boot/uEnv.txt and /uEnv.txt and then the eMMC will ignore it…


If you simply want more space for an Apche2 web server or a MariaDB server you can use the Micro-SD or USB Thumb Drive as extra storage, this would be separate from the root directory and not expanding it but it works well for me… I have setup an Apache2 web server with MariaDB and migrated them to the Micro-SD (32g) with great results using the Ubuntu image, but I am sure you can do the same with the Debian image as well…


USB Thumb Drive

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Hope this helps :grinning: