How to get started with VIoT-Flex SIMs- VIOT-1SIM & VIOT-1SIM-MFF2

After purchasing and receiving your SIMs from Digi-Key go to to create your Velocity IoT platform account and onboard your SIMs.

Step 1: Create your account profile and select the type of account you want business or personal

Step 2: Verify your email address

Step 3: Complete your payment information

Step 4: Add your SIM information

Add your ICCID which is located on the back of each SIM card. Next select your ONeRATE pool group and your rate plan from the drop down menus. ONeRATe IoT pool groups have rate plans that range between 1MB-50MB and ONeRATE pool groups have plans that range between 100MB - 10GB

To view the available coverage areas and plan pooling capabilities click on the arrows for “Available Coverage Areas” and “Pooling Capabilities”. If your country is not available on the list please contact

To complete your SIM registration, click review. Upon completion you will be redirected to your Velocity IoT platform dashboard page.

Device Set-up
Make sure to set the following items for connectivity on your device or module:

  1. Use the APN:
  2. Enable Roaming
  3. Set the module to data centric

Since these are multi-carrier SIMs it is best not to limit the cellular module bands.

For more information on Velocity IoT visit our website or manufacturer page on Digi-Key