How to identify this ST SMD? I have no Idea V_V

Hello :wave: , Bro & Sis. I’m Newbie in electronic devices repair.
one of my flashgun’s smd burned by reverse circuit.But I cant identify exactly marking code in web. Any nice guy can help?? :innocent:

1st row VU,
2nd row E ?
3rd GP933

There must be one more letter.

Hello feifortheart,

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It looks to be some kind of diode within the DO-214AC SMA package style. There are a lot in that SMAJ variety that Adam7 showed in that table though I’m not sure how close any of the options are to the one you have since I wasn’t able to find any specs based on the info you provided. The ST is a STMicroelectronics logo and we have a lot of diodes from them in that package case. Unfortunately I could not narrow it down any further.

Thanks @Adam7 @Irfan_Koric your support, I think my device is old(its product around 2000~2005), so the ST code is difference today.

Perhaps this is the diode we are looking for? :wink:

ET - SM6T33A Unidirectional Suppressor Diode Chip SMB DO-214AA
sm6t33a do-214aa
SM6T33A, DO-214AA

Looks like Adam7 may have found the part. It has an E T marking even the T is hard to see in the crack. That marking corresponds to ST part SM6T33A which is DigiKey part 497-6493-1-ND


Thanks ~ :heart_eyes: it seem similar my burned one . thanks all yours help :man_bowing: