How to push parts from KiCad to myLists

This addon helps you collect parts in your KiCad schematic file and push them to DigiKey myLists.

With your BOM in myLists you can calculate attrition, find and assign alternatives, add assembly counts, and more.

It is assumed that you have already completed the schematic in KiCad and downloaded/installed the DigiKey myLists addon. If you have not installed the myLists addon, please see the “How to install KiCad addon for myLists” post

How to Push your BOM to DigiKey

  1. If you need to attach part numbers to your project, go to the schematic, click on “Bulk-edit fields of all symbols in schematic” and then click “Add Field”, insert the appropriate part numbers and click “Ok”, otherwise proceed to step 2.

  2. Open PCB Editor in KiCad (the addon will only work in the PCB Editor)

  3. Click the “Push to DigiKey myLists” icon on the toolbar

  4. Double check to make sure the correct column is chosen for the part numbers, then click the “Create DigiKey List” button

  5. The list of parts will be added to myLists on the DigiKey website. If one of the part numbers is incorrect or not found on DigiKey’s website, the row will be black and you can modify the part number.

  6. At this point you can either “Upload File”, “Add Parts”, “Create Quote”, or “Add to Cart”