How to solder leads to the Piezo Bender

Piezo Benders (or Piezo Elements) are devices that employ the use of Piezoelectricity in order to create an audible tone in transducers, indicators or as standalone devices. Piezo benders are a very sensitive device with a sub-millisecond response time, which is much shorter than a wink time. When attaching solder leads to a piezo bender such as P08080-1 from DB Unlimited, you must be careful in order to avoid damaging the device.


In our experience, if it feels challenging for you to solder the leads to your piezo, we suggest instead choosing one of Digi-Key’s piezo elements with pre-soldered leads, such as AB1541B-LW100-R from PUI, or you can check with us to see if a custom solution might work for you.


Here are the general steps to solder leads to a piezo bender.

  1. Use a soldering iron at 300°C max.
  2. Strip and tin the wire.
  3. Apply flux to the ceramic disc where you want the joint, then add a small amount of solder with the iron for no longer than 0.5 seconds.
  4. Position the tinned wire as desired over solder that has been applied to the ceramic disc, then apply the iron again for no longer than 0.5 seconds to complete the joint.
  5. Do the same for the metal disc with keeping the iron time to a max of 2 seconds.

Attached is a guideline from PUI that includes some actual solder recommendations and further soldering tips.pui-audio-soldering-wire-bender.pdf (30.6 KB)