Huber+Suhner, Inc. 16_N-50-3-27/133_N* TOOLING

The connectors are sold in two package types - we stock the Single package type.

16_N-50-3-27/133_NE = Single package
16_N-50-3-27/133_NH = Bulk 100 pcs

Assembly Instructions Product document download (16_N-50-3-27/133_NH, 16_N-50-3-27/133_N) (

Tooling is currently not in our system.

Large Crimp Tool and Table Press insert - 76_Z-0-3-1
Small crimp tool use 2B insert - 76_Z-0-3-51
Small crimp tool - 75_Z-0-0-50
Small crimp tool with inserts (1/2A, 2B, 2C) in a wooden box - 75_Z-0-0-51
Small Crimp tool with fixed 2B insert - 75_Z-0-3-4

Large crimp Tool and Table Press HUBER+SUHNER Radio frequency—Page 532

Crimp Tool Document
75Z-0-0-50-Data_p516.pdf (926.8 KB)