I am looking for a rotary switch made by C&K,

I am looking for a C&K rotary switch.
The following is taken from the defective rotary switch I am looking for.
C&K (2) USA “A series”.
350 mA 125 Vdc.
2.5 A 125 Vac.

Hello Gar261, welcome to the Techforum!

This looks to be CKN10617-ND in our system, but I am unable to confirm the length of the shaft. The length of the option I found is about 12.7mm in length, would this work for you?

Technical reference number T4426553

Hi gar261,

With three contacts near the center of the switch, it is actually a 3-pole type, and it appears to be wired to switch between one of 4 positions, but only one of the 3 poles in the center are actually being used. Because you are only using one of the three poles, you can use either 1, 2, or 3 pole switches and just place the stopper ring in the appropriate position to allow only four positions of rotation.

What we don’t know is your shaft length and whether your switch is a shorting or non-shorting type. “Shorting” means that as you rotate the switch from one position to the next, the wiper makes contact with both the old contact position and the new contact position before moving completely to the new position. “Non-shorting” means that the wiper breaks contact with the old position before making contact with the new position. Most applications require non-shorting contacts, but you would have to determine whether you need that in your application.

With that in mind, here are switches that you would want to consider. Make note of those with the desired shorting characteristic and the shaft length that you need.

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