IC replacement for car ecu

does this digikey part number 497-19588-ND compatible for replacement with my existing IC with part number :
30595 0951

Hi arielj21,

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I don’t believe the 497-19588-ND (STMicorelectronics part number E-L6258E) is a replacement for the 30595. As best I can tell from limited information on the web, the 30595 is possibly a proprietary (not publicly sold) voltage regulator chip from a Bosch ECU board. I could not find a datasheet for it to verify this, however.

The E-L6258E is a motor driver IC designed to drive stepper motors and brushed DC motors rated up to 1.2A per winding. It is very unlikely that it is the same part.

Try searching for “bosch 30595” on the web and you may find places that claim to carry the part you are looking for (however, beware of counterfeit parts).

Thank you very much for your reply sir.