Replacement Component for Regulator

I am having difficulties finding a drop-in replacement for the voltage regulator, LD49300PT10R. I was referred to this forum for assistance by the Live Chat agent. I was hoping to find something on Digikey but with no luck. Is there a drop-in replacement for this part? I’d prefer to use a drop-in replacement so I don’t have to modify the PCB.

Thanks in advance!


I do not see an exact (drop-in) replacement for part number LD49300PT10R on our site. For both of the most similar parts that are currently available, each has some differences to consider. The package/case form should match, though, and most of the critical electrical specs.

Part number BD10KA5WFP-E2 has a few electrical specs that are different, and there might be an issue with pin function matching. Find the datasheet links on our site for both parts to compare those (especially pin 05).

Part number LD49150PT10R is obsolete, but we do have some stock remaining. The pin function seems to be matched, but notice that not all electrical specs are the same.

Here is a link to both parts: [click here ].