IDEC Timer RTE Series Function/Operation Group

The part number builder on the IDEC RTE datasheet does not list all the information about the group function settings.

The operation/function mode settings can be found below, from the part builder on the instruction sheet here

DK Part # Mfr Part #
1885-1003-ND RTE-P1AF20
1885-1015-ND RTE-P2AF20
1885-1066-ND RTE-P1AD24
1885-1014-ND RTE-P2AD24
1885-1176-ND RTE-B2AF20
1885-1019-ND RTE-P1D12
1885-1342-ND RTE-B1AD24
1885-1054-ND RTE-B1AF20
1885-1175-ND RTE-B2AD24
1885-1177-ND RTE-P2D12