Identify Yageo AC0603FR-071K21L Chip Resistor Marking

When you have an AC series chip resistor from Yageo, you can follow along with the method below to identify its resistance value.

For example, AC0603FR-071K21L is marked 09B. “09B” is a resistance code which includes the first significant digits of the resistance value followed by the number of zeros. Using the EIA-96 Making Standard, you can identify the number of zeros from the third letter. Note that “09” is not, itself, the resistance code - this is important! It’s instead used to find the actual resistance value in the datasheet.

According to the Table 2 EIA-96 Marking Rule from Yageo Document “Datasheet Chip Resistors Marking

  • “09” calls out 121 Ohms Value
  • “B” calls out the multiplier 1x10

Therefore, this marking code “09B” calls out a resistance value of 1210 Ohm, or 1.21k-ohms.