Identifying DC Motor + Fan Head (From Heat Gun?)

TLDR: What’s this item called, as like a general category, such that I could search and find results mostly of this same specific sort? I’ve attached a photo. For more detail on it/my problem:

So, I’m a novice and I’m having just a hellish time trying to figure out what this item is called as a broader category. It’s a DC fan I extracted from a cheap heat gun, in essence, it’s just a DC motor with a fairly tightly angled set of fan blades attached. Pretty small.

Does anyone know what this general category of device is called? I’m hoping to glean some more information on them and potentially find some different spec’d ones, but obviously that’s a bit of a long shot when I cannot seem to figure out what they are called to distinguish them. Photo searches from a number of places hav e come up null. I’ve tried about any civilian term I can think of to describe this thing, including asking based on the item I’ve extracted it from with no fortune.

I imagine it’s a quick and easy ID from someone practiced, but well, I am clearly not such a person. Any assistance is very welcome.

General traits:

  • Tightly curved fan blades
  • High RPM
  • Blows “backward” (so it blows over the motor that powers it, into whatever)
  • Came from a broken heat gun
  • Most of the air seems to dissipate at its sides, horizontally - however, stick it in an enclosure and it blows pretty hard for its size.
  • It seems any of this design (I have two) basically just come attached as DIY to typical DC motor.

Photo: FJIMG_20210924_222722|506x500

AFAIK it’s just called a DC fan.

100% of the fans I’ve seen used in heat guns, hair dryers, etc. over the last 40 years were custom made by/for the manufacturer of the end product. Generally the shape of the fan blades and housing are specifically designed to mate with the rest of the housing to produce the desired air flow.

Darn, I was hoping this style had a more specific name. It seems like it’s a form-factor given that I’ve found multiple instances of it (ie, I have one w/ grey fan blades, fewer, but same steep angle)