Help with small extraction fan

I have a truck camper with a fridge that needs a little help with exhausting hot air that it creates. The camper has a circular grill to the outside, maybe 5" but no extraction fan.

My plan is to place a small computer fan there to draw out the air. Ideally, I need a reliable and quiet computer fan and also some method of controlling the speed, maybe in three stages.

The fan I have currenty draws 3a, which is too much for our solar power use. I would prefer a fan that was around 0.5a or so. Hopefully the controller switch will be an electric rather than resistor style as I don’t want it heating up.

Any ideas for either of those items?

Hello James
Thank you for contacting us with your request.
Looking at your request what is the voltage rating that you have for hooking up a fan? Is it AC or DC and at what voltage level?
We do sell a variety of fans. Do you want a square Flange style to mount or a round style to fit into the circular hole that is there.
As for the switch to use the parts we have will require a Resistor to lower the voltage for speed. Maybe a Potentiometer with a Switch built in would possibly work.

Thanks for your help.

It’s a 12v DC system. As it is solar and battery driven the voltage may vary a little though, fully charged I think they are 12.9 but while charging 13.4 and when ‘down’ 12.4 or so. I am not sure if that variance matters.

Square style with a flange would be better.

I was hoping an electric switch would supply a lower amperage. A resistor would still use the full amperage correct?

For power efficiency I recommend a Pulse-width modulation (PWM) controlled 12VDC computer fan and an appropriate PWM controller for the fan.

The aftermarket PC case PWM controllers I’ve seen online will often have temperature sensing and other features that can further reduce power usage.

Hi James,

Take a look at P15668-ND and 603-1326-ND. These are roughly 5’’, quiet, and good airflow. You can control this fan with something like 1738-1293-ND, this is non-stock but we should have stock within a week or two as I believe this is already on order. Otherwise we do have other modules smaller modules that are able to adjust the voltage output.

Thanks guys.

Hi James, I see we now have stock of 1738-1293-ND, and also found 1738-1069-ND that would be a suitable option as this one is 3.3V ~ 25V potentiometer adjustable output and does not have onboard LED’s to constantly power.

Have a look below:
Click here for options: 1738-1293-ND | 1738-1069-ND