Suggestion for fan replacement for 8025S

I am looking for a replacement for an 80mmx x 25mm 12VDC 0.25a 2-wire fan, but I do not know the CFM or RPM of the original, can you advise? The original is a model# 8025S.

DigiKey has 10 possible replacements but I don’t know which way to go.


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Were is the fan used?

In most fan applications RPM does not matter and higher CFM is better.


Thanks for the reply.

The fan is used in a 4-bay 3 1/2 inch hard drive raid box.

Noise is somewhat of a concern., So RPM could be a consideration. But I’m sure that whatever is typically used in that situation would be fine.

Small fans of the type are commonly produced with varying RPM setpoints; the “8025” designation is a physical size reference, and a portion of an extended part number not shown would call out RPM, termination, extra features such as speed control/monitoring, etc.

For a given fan however, power input is approximately a cubic function of rotational speed so some limited inference can be made from current ratings. Finding something that matches physical size and drawing a similar amount of power is likely to land a person at least in the right ballpark, since the laws of physics apply pretty much equally to everybody. In any event, some fan is better than no fan.

Give FAD1-08025CBJW12-A a try, and see this post and those linked from it if you’re interested in understanding more about fan stuffs.

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That model looks like the perfect spec. I’ll give it a go! And thanks
for the detailed response.


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