Doubt fan 5v x fan 12v

Is there a big difference in exhaust cooling between a 5v USB fan x 12V PC fan? I intend to use it on my TVbox T95 Max Plus today I use 5v USB (temperature varies 49C-57C) but if I change for 12v fan it will it reduce the temperature?

What power supply amperage is good for 1 fan of 12v (120mm or 80mm fan)?

The CFM is the deciding factor in the cooling power of a fan. CFM (cubic feet per minute) - the higher the CFM, the more air it will move. A higher FM will also create more noise, so you’ll want to keep the dB rating of the fan in mind as well. You’ll need to check the current rating of the fan to know how much amperage you need from your power supply. This is a link to stocking options of 12Vdc fans in both 120mm and 80mm. What type of power supply are you looking for?

I can’t get CFM from all the fans I buy because many are Chinese brands and don’t provide all the specifications and sometimes they are liars so I thought about using a 12v fan, I think it has more RPM but I don’t know if it cools or exhausts better compared to usb 5v the power supply that i thought about buying is the small ones used in tvbox or router or modem

it loooks like you want a square fan 80mm at 5v and 12v Click Here

what model and brand of fan 120mm is very good cooling and exaust and very good CFM? 5v usb or 12v?

cooler tvbox temperature 49-57c is good or no for long lifetime device?

49C=120.2 degrees Farenheit to 57C=134.6 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll want to check your data on your equipment, but I did find this on the internet:" Between 50 to 90 degrees F

The safe operating temperature range for most LCD and LED televisions is between 50 to 90 degrees F12. When it comes to storing an LCD or LED TV, it can withstand a temperature as low as -4 degrees F12."