Converting 120 Vac power to 24 Vdc

I have an air cooling unit for a Sleep Number bed that has a complicated set up with various speeds, times, users, etc. requiring a remote control that doesn’t work. I simply want an on-off manual switch, and so I need to solder in wires to the fans (2 small fans that work in parallel) to a 24 Vdc converter. Presumably, I would need to cut off the input plug and just connect the wires directly. What is my best option for a converter?


Take a look at the power supplies in this link to see if any would work in your application.

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If those are for 24 volt DC (and not AC), then most any of them should work. I’m not sure much much current the combination of two small fans would draw, but it would be fairly small. But I wouldn’t want to be close to the limit with something like 200 mA. I probably ought to go 1 A or close to that in order to be safe.

Hi burakuliberation
The fan may have a current and or power rating listed on it, and you can purchase an adapter with a higher current rating.

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