Identifying smd code

I need some help to identifying for the following 4 SMD components, I suspect they are TVS bidirectional diodes but I am not sure about this.The manufacturer was General Semicondoctor and is now Vishay. The the inscription on the components are: CK67A - CK5CA - CK64A and BBMGP37
Dimensions are 5.3 x 3.4 mm I think smd package type 1812?
I have searched the entire internet but cannot find any results.
Various search engines also give no results. Hopefully someone of you knows these codes and which component it concerns. I know that the manufacturer has been taken over by Vishay, but on there site I don’t come across these codes also .

Hello overwijk,

Pictures may help, but for the part markings you listed, I was not able to find any matches.