Identifying Wire Cores

Hi, I was hoping to buy some wire spools in 18AWG and 22AWG, but the product pages don’t specify which are solid core wire and which are stranded core wire? I’m looking at NTE Electronics Spools, any advice?

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When searching for single hook-up type wire, there is a filter box for “Conductor Strand”, which you can pick all the stranded wire, or you can pick solid. Click here for an example. When you look at the filter boxes at the top, the 7th box to the right should be “Conductor Strand”, and at the bottom of the list is for Solid wire. Remember to click on “APPLY ALL” after you choose the wire you are looking for.

Looking at a specific wire from NTE, if the product attributes do not have the information, you will have to contact them for further information on their product, as they are a MarketPlace supplier.

So by default, all other wires are stranded core?

There is no “default” per-se here; if the build-up is not indicated in the “Conductor Strand” attribute as some number of strands of a given size or as “solid,” the information has not been populated and must be determined by some other means.