IFM TA3313 sensors

Hi, I have a question about the ifm sensors.
Does the installation length EL specified in the data sheet refer to the distance the sensor can measure the temperature? I need a sensor that can sense at a distance of 3 meters and I am not sure if this one will work for me.

The EL length is calling out the installation length. If you want to measure temp at a distance, you may want to consider an infrared sensor. One of these Analog and Digital Output - Industrial | Temperature Sensors | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey might work.

Hi adriana7bibiano,

This sensor is designed to be screwed into a hole with a 1/4" NPT fitting. The “EL” length is the length that the steel tip of the sensor extends from the NPT hole fitting into the area of the media (liquid or gas) for which the sensor will be measuring temperature.

The output of the sensor is a 4-20mA current scaled from 0°F to 300°F, is to be powered by a 10V to 30Vdc supply, and is interfaced to via an M12 connector. Since the output is a variable current signal rather than voltage signal, it should have no trouble transmitting over a cable length of more than 3m.