Input & Output Connectors for Artesyn Power Supplies

Multiple series of power supplies from Artesyn Embedded Technologies use Molex connectors for the input, output and remote sense. The part numbers and series numbers listed below use the following connectors.

AC Input: Molex 09-50-8031 Digi-Key P/M WM2123-ND
DC Output: Molex 09-50-8061 Digi-Key P/N WM2126-ND
Contacts for the above housings will be Digi-Key P/N WM2313-ND
Remote Sense (if an option) Molex 22-01-2025 Note part is End of Life. Suggested replacement 22-01-3027
Contacts for remote sense 08-52-0123 Digi-Key part number WM2758-ND
Kit that contains all of the above : 70-841-006 Digi-Key P/N 454-1597-ND

NPT40-M Series
NPT43-M, NPT42-M, NPT44-M

NPS40-M Series
NPS43-M, NPS45-M, NPS42-M, NPS44-M, NPS48-M

NPS60-M Series
NPS63-M, NPS65-M, NPS64-M, NPS62-M

NPS20-M Series
NPS23-M, NPS22-M

LPT60 Series
LPT62, LPT63, LPT64

LPT40 Series
LPT41, LPT42, LPT43, LPT44, LPT45, LTP46, LPT47

LPT25 Series
LPT22, LPT23, LPT24, LPT25

LPS60 Series
LPS62, LPS63, LPS64, LPS65

LPS50 Series
LPS52, LPS53, LPS54, LPS55, LPS58

LPS40 & LPS40-M Series
LPS42, LPS43, LPS44, LPS45, LPS48, LPS45-M

LPS25 Series
LPS22, LPS23, LPS25